support will help end Sally’s suffering.

Give a gift today to help ease Sally’s suffering from mito.

Let me tell you why donating today is so important.

At 45, Sally’s adult-onset mitochondrial myopathy recently led to her to lose her balance from a sneeze – A SNEEZE!

This disease is incurable. It wastes away the muscle tissues. 

Walking down the street is dangerous for Sally. One trip could land her in the hospital. Weakening eye muscles leave her self-conscious of her drooping eyes. Even holding eye contact is draining, as is talking and chewing.

Without treatments or cures for mito, the only way people like Sally cope is through symptom management. But our community has told us how hard it is to access the funding and services they need to help them manage.

You can help change this by supporting our new NDIS Navigator Program. This program will give Sally and hundreds like her the tools and personalised guidance they need to access the support they’re entitled to.

For Sally this will mean access to multiple allied health professionals that can help her achieve her mission of maintaining her muscle functions. Everyday activities that we take for granted like brushing our hair or eating a meal are laborious for Sally, and without the right therapies could soon be entirely out of reach.

My arms feel like lead, everything takes me much longer.

It’s a struggle

— Sally

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