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Many people, young and old, are seeking a diagnosis today. They are waiting. Stuck in what we call a ‘diagnostic odyssey’. Waiting and not getting the care they need. Being dismissed. Misdiagnosed. Deteriorating in health. Fighting to be listened to.

The challenges may be unimaginable, but the solutions are not.

Your gift today will help develop new diagnostic methods and increase awareness of mito amongst health professionals to speed up the road to diagnosis.

Let me tell you why donating today, and doubling your impact is so important...

At 45, Sally’s adult-onset mitochondrial myopathy recently led to her to lose her balance from a sneeze – A SNEEZE!

This disease is incurable. It wastes away the muscle tissues. 

Walking down the street is dangerous for Sally. One trip could land her in the hospital. Weakening eye muscles leave her self-conscious of her drooping eyes. Even holding eye contact is draining, as is talking and chewing.

Living with such significant symptoms without a diagnosis has been very challenging. My treatment has been compromised as a result. I have often been placed in the too hard basket, had my emotional stability questioned, had to live with a trial and error approach to treatment

— Kathy, 55 - almost 5 decades without a diagnosis

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waiting for the gift of diagnosis.  

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