Mito Staff Munch

I'm holding a Munch for Mito because I want to have fun for a good cause


12.30pm - 1.30pm




On Zoom - link in the invite

We're all hungry for treatments and cures for mito. Munch for Mito events are our opportunity to raise the awareness and funds needed to create change. Raise a glass while you raise awareness and together let's find a cure - one bite at a time. 

Embarrass the Boss

To add even more fun to our lunch, and raise some money, I have recruited Will Murray to help us embarrass the boss. 

If we reach $200, that's only $20 from 10 of you, Sean will do something that Will has ensured me will be totally embarrassing. 

Donate on this page to add to the total. 

Trivia Bingo Instructions

Toni will run a game of trivia bingo for us all. 

We'll run through a series of trivia questions and if the answer is on your card you tick it off.  The person to get the first line wins a prize and then the main prize goes to the person that fills their board.

Fun right!

Find your name below and visit the website to get your bingo card. You can print it or use it on your screen by clicking each answer as you get it.
 - Tim - Ruth - Clare - Ros - Aaron - Scott - Kana - Fiona - Michele H - Michel - Nellorie -  Ineka - Emma - Penelope - Kirralee

Staff fun and games for mito

You're all invited to our staff Munch for Mito. 

There will be no picnic in the sun this year but we can still have a good time for this cause we all hold dear. 

Please come dressed in something green and download the zoom background from our website or create your own. 

There will be a number of things going on but most importantly - this is a MUNCH for mito so please order yourself some Uberseats/Doordash etc. and expense it ($30 cap).

We'll be playing a game of Trivia Bingo! instructions above.

You'll also be fined for saying any of the following top 10 Zoom phrases during the call - fines can be paid on this fundraising page. 

The top 10 most annoying phrases


"I need to jump on another call"


"You're on mute"


"We lost you for a minute there"


"Do we have everyone here?"


"Can you see my screen"


"Can everyone mute themselves please"


"Let's take this offline"


"Conscious there's only X minutes left"


"I'm getting really bad feedback"


"I've got a hard stop at X o'clock"

Thank you to my Sponsors


E Celis


Sean Murray

OK - so Will keeps smiling knowingly every time I walk past him ... I am not looking forward to what he has in store ...


Aaron Smith


Michel Zwecker

$20 is a bargain to embarrass the boss...!


Kana Frazer

Wow sounds like fun


Ineka Whiteman




Ros Harris


Toni Catton


Fiona Glenn

Thanks Will!!!


Clare Stuart


Nellorie Iceton

Let's see how creative Will can be!



Even I don't know what Will has in store for us. We have to see this.

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