Dave and Cheryl McKenna

I'm holding a Munch for Mito because I want to do my part to raise awareness of mito where I can

We're all hungry for treatments and cures for mito. Munch for Mito events are our opportunity to raise the awareness and funds needed to create change. Raise a glass while you raise awareness and together let's find a cure - one bite at a time. 

Raise funds and awareness for mito.

On Saturday September 19th, we’re holding an event as part of the ‘Munch for Mito’ campaign to raise funds and awareness for people living with mito.

One in 200 Australians may carry genetic changes that put them at risk of developing mitochondrial disease (mito). Our daughter, Emily, is one of those 200.

Mito robs the body’s cells of energy, causing multiple organ dysfunction or failure. Currently, there is no effective prevention, treatment options and worse, no cure.

Please join or support our event and help join the global movement to get one ‘bite’ closer to finding a cure.

Please donate $25 per person for entry which includes an evening of entertainment, food and great company!

By raising funds and opening the conversation, we can turn an ordinary catch up into one with real impact.

If you can’t join us on this special night, please consider a tax-deductible donation to a cause very close to our hearts.

Cheryl and Dave

*Adults only. 

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