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I'm holding a Munch for Mito because I want to have fun for a good cause


12:30pm AEST





We're all hungry for treatments and cures for mito. Munch for Mito events are our opportunity to raise the awareness and funds needed to create change. Raise a glass while you raise awareness and together let's find a cure - one bite at a time. 

An Event You Can Sink Your Teeth Into

I’m holding a Munch for Mito event to raise awareness amongst future genetic counsellors. Please note that donations are entirely optional. If you feel like a financial contribution is not possible currently, you might consider sharing something on your social media to extend mito awareness - look for the Mito Foundation posts. 

One in 200 Australians may carry genetic changes that put them at risk of developing mitochondrial disease (mito). Mito robs the body’s cells of energy, causing multiple organ dysfunction or failure. Currently, there is no effective prevention, treatment options and worse, no cure.

Join or support my Munch for Mito and you too can join the global movement to get one bite closer to finding a cure. 


By sharing a few facts about mito we can turn an ordinary meal into one with real impact. Trivia bingo will feature a range of general knowledge questions with a few mito facts sprinkled in, and guaranteed laughter. Visit this link to access your random trivia bingo card, to either download, print or play online: https://mfbc.us/m/zfbgess 

As this service maxes out at 30 players, if you're unable to get a card or open the link just tell me on the zoom call and I'll email you a downloaded one. 


GREEN is the international colour for mito, please have something green visible within your screen - you can use clothing, accessories, background or filters to add a splash of green. 

Zoom link: https://zoom.uts.edu.au/j/89473735997

Thank you to my Sponsors


Hannah Thomson


Georgia Cooke


Ana Rakonjac

Love your work Emma!


Maddi Wiggins


Ami Stott

What a great idea for a great cause, good on you Emma!


Yoni Elbaum

Such an important cause. Looking forward to lunch tomorrow!


Anita Lee

Such a great cause Emma! Good luck with your fundraising efforts :)


Tara Darmody

This is a great cause Emma, you're a gem - looking forward to lunch :)


Amy Baker


Jenny Berkman

Good luck Emma - an important fund raiser. Best wishes, Jenny


Emma Celis

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