Kana Frazer

I'm staying in bed to cure mito

Zzzzzzzzzz to cure mito!

🛌Hi all, on Friday 22 May, I’ll be staying in bed all day to support Australians living with mitochondrial disease (mito).🛌

Usually I'm an early riser (yoga, walk, you know me.) so it's gonna be very tough  ... PJ's all day with a perfect bedhead look.

*there will be "I woke up like this" pic I promise 💤

The funds raised will support people with mito and fund research to find a cure. 

And right now, mito patients are among the most vulnerable during the COVID-19 crisis as their ability to fight infection is extremely limited.

👀 I'm very aware - we all have been having tough times, but a donation from you would be wonderful and your name on the list will encourage me to keep working hard (and napping hard). 

Every little bit helps. Your support can make a difference to people living with mito.

💚💚💚Thank you so much & ありがとう 💚💚💚

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Daniel Frazer

Oops slept in! ;)


Kana Frazer


Sabrina Feher



Margie & Doug

Enjoy your sleep in.



Happy birthday and stay safe. Good luck for you and the Found raiser.