Sophia Catton

I'm staying in bed to cure mito

I'm staying in bed all day to cure mito for Alana!

On Friday 22 May, I’m taking part in Stay In Bed Day to support Australians living with mitochondrial disease (mito), like my sister Alana.

I’m challenging myself to stay in bed ALL DAY… it won’t be easy (gulp).

Why am I doing this? Because for too many people living with this disease, finding the energy to get out of bed is a daily struggle.

Mito robs the body’s cells of energy, causing multiple organ dysfunction or failure. It affects one child born in Australia each week. That’s 50 Aussie kids every year.

And right now, mito patients are among the most vulnerable during the COVID-19 crisis as their ability to fight infection is extremely limited.

So I’m asking for your support…

Please sponsor me in Stay In Bed Day and support my challenge to provide vital support services and fund research to help people living with mito.

You’ll receive a tax-deductible receipt for tax time (June 30 is not far away).

Thank you so much.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Luke Edwards

Great effort Sophia, I've met you at the Mito office. This is to support your efforts (and to get you ahead of your mum in fundraising). :)


Kim Louise Sandgren

Hope you had a great day! Thank you for sharing and promoting this message in the community. Alana is so very lucky to have a big sister like you. Big hugs from T Town


Coory Constructions Pty Ltd.

Good luck Sophia Enjoy your day in bed Andrew & Sophie



Hi Sophia, its me Alexis you're not alone because onsies forever stick together and so I too will stay in bed for an entire day.


Judy Junge

Good job Sophia


Community Recycling

Well done Sophia, you get the proceeds of our community recycling.


Charlotte Royle

Have a great day in bed Sophia!



Great cause! Sophia - every helping hand counts.


Margaret Edwards

Hi Sophia. Margaret & Tony will love to help you raise money for this great cause!



You are the best big sister Sophia xx


Barton Champness

Awesome job, well done


Jane Bunce

Very proud of you Sophia xxx


Elizabeth Miller

What a great idea! Make sure mum and dad give you a bell to ring to bring you anything you need!!


Suzanne Miles

Go Sophia! Great to see you supporting Alana x


Peter Hallman

Good Luck on your target young lady and well done for thinking of your sister.


Michelle Miller

Love from Aunty Shell, Uncle Nigel and your cousins. Xxx


Charlotte Barclay

Good luck with the challenge Sophia you are a lovely big sister!


Paul & Toni Catton

We are very proud of you for doing this for Alana and mito!


Jane Hudson

Well done Sophia!



Good on You! Let's chill out together!!


Ruth Lindsay

You are an awesome sister Sophia.


Sophia Catton