Gerlach In Laws

By Tania Gerlach

We're raising vital funds for mito!

Mitochondrial disease (mito) is a rare life threatening disease that can affect anyone at any age.The Gerlach In-laws are getting involved as our much loved grand-daughter-/niece-in-law Jess has two nephews Bailey and Hugo with this terrible  disease. We're fundraising to help the Mito Foundation support the mito community whilst seeking a cure.  

Mito is a debilitating genetic condition that robs the body’s cells of energy, causing multiple organ dysfunction or failure.  It affects one Australian child born each week. Stay in Bed Day is about raising funds and awareness of mitochondrial disease (mito).  For mito patients, staying in bed is not a novelty; it is a harsh daily reality.

The Mito Foundation provides information and support services to connect mito patients and their families to help them feel less alone while funding research to develop meaningful treatments and cures.

Show your support and help raise awareness by donating to our fundraiser. Together we can create real change for the mito community. You can sponsor any of us on this site - Barbara, Annie, Jenny, Grant or Tim, hopefully joined by Jess and Ted and Meike and Gus. We will sleep our hardest for you on the 15th


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