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I'm staying in bed to cure mito


A massive THANK YOU to everyone that supported me in the  Stay in Bed Day campaign. Surprisingly, it went so quick, 8 hours from 9 to 5. I thought I'd do some reading, watch TV or play games on my phone and have a nap.
But, I kept tuning in on Facebook checking out how it was going with everyone else taking part and what was happening on the day such as interviews.
Even now 4 days later I still have some more donations coming after surprisingly smashing the target of $1,000 by more than $650. Just as important was that my page was viewed 182 times, meaning that I've raised awareness of mito.
I'm so lucky and grateful for all the support you've shown to me in taking part in such an important cause and something I'm connected with.
With my kind regards to you all.

Over halfway already!

Gee time flies when you're busy staying in bed!
Hope you've had a chance to view the stay in bed day facebook page. Coming up at 2pm Little Noah and his mum Kat will be having a bedside chat.
Please consider donating if you can or haven't already.
Thank you for your support.
Cheers Wayne. 

We're underway on stay in bed day!

I was interviewed this morning about 8.50 by ABC Radio Newcastle. I could've said more about Mito Foundation but they needed to cut to the news at 9...
My 2 bed companions Charlie and Korra have joined me already.

It's on tomorrow!

Well here we are! One more night and then it's Stay in Bed Day. Thank you to everyone who has supported my efforts to raise awareness and funds for the Mito Foundation. 
Due to the amazing support I have received thus far, I've managed to achieve the goal I set. I must admit that I altered it twice as the donations kept coming. 

So, please If you haven't checked out the Mito Foundation site and or read about this little guy named Noah or in fact any of the stories on the website, please do so. 
They're  truly inspiring.

If you still would like to donate, the good news is that you can. I'm sure the Mito Foundation will be more than happy to accept your kind generosity anytime.

Look out for another post or two from me tomorrow.

Update as at May 5th.

Thanks again to everyone who has donated to the Mito Foundation and supported me in worthy cause. Your generosity is amazing. Apart from raising valuable funds the idea behind this activity to also raise awareness of Mito in the community, which I note from the number of "views" is pleasing to see.
Just a little update on my health. Since starting this year's stay in bed campaign, As some of you know, I've had some  bad weeks and ended up in hospital for a few hours until I was stable enough to come home. So I've been getting plenty of "staying in bed" practice in, not entirely by choice.
So if you can... remember Friday May 22nd to Stay in Bed or at least your PJ's too. To those of you that still wish to support me and the Mito Foundation there's still plenty of time.
Thanks again.

Thank you Anonymous donator $27.15

I'm sure the Mito Foundation will appreciate your gift.

I'm staying in bed to help find a cure for mito!

On Friday 22 May, I’m taking part in Stay In Bed Day to support Australians like myself living with mitochondrial disease (mito).

Why am I doing this? Because for too many people living with this disease, finding the energy to get out of bed is a daily struggle.
Fortunately for me, at this time that's only occasionally.
Although I do find that my energy levels do drain quicker than others.

For those who might not be aware, mito robs the body’s cells of energy, causing multiple organ dysfunction or failure. It affects one child born in Australia each week. That’s 50 Aussie kids every year. Presently there is no cure.

And right now, mito patients are among the most vulnerable during the COVID-19 crisis as their ability to fight infection is extremely limited.

That's why I’m asking for your support.
For some of you this is my second request and I again thank you for your kind donations to my first Stay in Bed day for mito research back in 2017.

So, please consider sponsoring me this Stay In Bed Day and support my attempt to provide funds for the vital support services and  research to help people living with mito.

You’ll receive a tax-deductible receipt for tax time (June 30 is not far away).

Thank you so much for your support.


Thank you to my Sponsors


Diane Carter

Well done Wayno, I hope you reach well above your target.


Gayle Williams


Lidy Waanders

Good luck Wayne, in reaching your goal. You are so thoughtful and generous.


Mark Noonan

Not too long in bed Wayne, Margaret has to work so needs to bring her A game


John Whittle

Have a GREAT sleep Wayne.


Robert Brown


Greg Cluett

Thanks for doing this fund raiser Wayne. I hope it goes well for you. I see it is especially important to help mito sufferers during this time of Covid-19.



Well done for doing this fund raiser and for agreeing to speak on ABC Radio this morning


Sharon Smith

Always a wonderful effort, Wayne Smith. Lots of love from the Kotara Smiths xx


Maree Blumer

Good luck Wayne. I hope you reach your goal.



Good luck - I think it will be one of the few fundraisers that can go ahead - so enjoy as best you can Scott & Jenn


Tara Dever

Good luck Wayne! Great cause, thanks for doing the hard yards and staying in bed for us all.


Les & Joy Bannister

I will only pay if I do not have to stay in bed with Wayne!!! My wife is much better looking them him!


Sharon Murphy

Thanks Wayne for enriching the lives of others.


Lochinvar Community


Jackie Foord

Great cause Wayne! Hope you reach your goal. 😊


Trish Mcgregor


Stephen Wood

Well done Wayne. Wishing you the best.



Thanks for the opportunity. Good luck


Suzanne Proudlock

Hope as well as staying home you are well Wayne. Margaret included of course. Do you still have baby sitting duties? S



Goooooooooo Wayne 👋🤩👏


Sandra Buck

Enjoy your day in bed


Janette Will

Good luck on the fundraising Wayne.


Lexie Ireland

Proud of you wayno. Great job


Karen Jones

Good on you Wayne.


Deb Matthews


Anastasia Frangakis

Good luck!


Dorothy Cox


Wayne Smith







What a wonderful cause Wayne. I hope you exceed your Goal. xox


Ashlea Jordan


Barbara Humphries

Happy to support you Wayne in this cause.