Light Up for Mito eCard


This year to support our Light Up for Mito campaign we are asking YOU to shine the light on mito.

Buy and share this beautiful animated eCard to help brighten the futures of people impacted by mito.

Today it is estimated that only 10% of people with mito are diagnosed. That means that potentially hundreds of thousands of people are living with symptoms they can’t put a name to. Not all GPs understand the disease, leading to misdiagnosis or often a long arduous path to diagnosis. And when a patient is diagnosed, their options for care are limited and confusing.

Your one simple act today will have many benefits.


(Picture courtesy: Peter Mathew/Good Weekend)

For people living with mito, like Shelley, greater awareness is a catalyst for many improvements in their lives:

By making mito more visible amongst the public our life changing campaigns like legalising mitochondrial donation have more impact – giving Shelley hope to have children free from mito.

More understanding of the disease amongst friends and family means less isolation and anxiety for people like Shelley after diagnosis.

Greater awareness of health professionals leads to quicker and higher rates of diagnosis.

The donation you make today will fund support and advocacy services for Shelley and others impacted by mito. Like the donation, the good will and awareness you spread will have ripple effects!

Monuments all around the world will Light Up for Mito on Saturday 25 September as part of World Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week. This is your chance to be a part of this global movement – (without leaving your home!)

Buy a virtual Light Up for Mito card now and show your commitment to a brighter future for the mito community.

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