Marcus and his Mum Charmaine need your help.

Trial and error. For the four years of Marcus’s short life, this has been the approach to treating his terminal illness. He has an extremely complex and rare type of mitochondrial disease (mito) with no treatment and no cure. His mum, Charmaine, is his chief health advocate.

“When I got Marcus’s diagnosis I was devastated, but then I looked at the Dr and said ‘Okay, what are we going to do about it?’”

Imagine your child is sick and in hospital. You are surrounded by specialists yet no-one has any answers. You’re fighting for information while your child is fighting for life

Charmaine is strong, determined, loving and doing an amazing job caring for Marcus. But carers like Charmaine struggle to find someone who understands the breadth of their child’s needs. Navigating the complex healthcare system adds a whole new level of anxiety to an already stressful situation. 

With your help, Charmaine can count on a specialised nurse to provide a road map for the best possible care which is tailored to Marcus’s needs.

Marcus and other kids with mito live on borrowed time and every day is a blessing. I’m sure you’ll agree that these lives are precious, and we need to act now to ensure they get the absolute most out of their short lives. 

The Patient Pathways Program specialist nurse allows families to make the most of their time together by removing the burden of navigating the health system alone. By donating today, you continue to fund this vital service and gift Charmanine more time with her precious Marcus.