$27,240 raised

$40,000 Goal

$27,240 raised

$40,000 Goal

Donate today to get Ziggy the treatment he needs

Powering Hope: Help Make Clinical Trials A Reality

One baby is born every week that will die from mitochondrial disease (mito). Their lives are spent fighting this debilitating condition with no treatment and no cure.

Every baby deserves a fighting chance against mito. Ziggy is one of the babies we're all fighting for. 

When Bec and Sarsha welcomed their beautiful son Ziggy into the world, they never expected their lives would take such a challenging turn. Living in a loving and family-oriented suburb in Brisbane, they had carefully planned their ideal future. However, within just a few months, Ziggy's health began to show worrying signs. Before his first birthday he was diagnosed with Pearson's Syndrome, an incredibly rare form of mito.

Sadly, Bec and Sarsha's story is not an isolated one.

Science has made incredible progress, and many clinical trials around the world are set to test life-saving treatments. But, before we can attract cutting-edge trials to Australia, we need to study these rare diseases and learn how they start and progress over time. Your generous contribution will support our 'Clinical Trial Readiness' projects, ensuring that when potential treatments are ready to be tested, their success can be accurately measured from a baseline.

Bec and Sarsha are determined to explore every possible option to help save their son Ziggy, and you can join their mission by supporting our vital research. 

With your support today, we can bridge the gap for children like Ziggy and turn Bec and Sarsha's hope for their beautiful boy into a reality. Together, we can pave the way for clinical trials and ensure that no child is born to die from mito.

Donate today so that, in the not-too-distant future, no child will be born to die from mito.




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Like any parent, we would trade anything and everything for Ziggy’s health and happiness. - Bec, Ziggy's mum