Many beautiful lives have been lost to mito. This is the tragedy of a disease with no cure.

We want to honour the strength of those who have passed. We also want to recognise the love, resilience and compassion of those who helped them live their fullest life.

Being a part of the Mighty Hearts community will help us turn pain into power. Power comes from joining together, supporting one another, and rallying our resources to find a cure.

If you have lost a loved one, we invite you to share their story by creating a Mighty Hearts page.

If you want to see a world where no one dies from mito, please create a Mighty Hearts fund or donate to find a cure.

If you would like any support at this difficult time, please reach out.

What’s great about Mighty Hearts pages

  • Fill your page with all the loving memories of your Mighty Heart using blog posts and the photo gallery
  • Celebrate milestones like birthdays to keep your loved one’s memory alive
  • Send or receive messages of condolence or support to other community members on their Mighty Hearts pages
  • Create an ongoing fund that will contribute to research to find a cure

Help us turn heartbreak into hope.

Create your Mighty Hearts fund or share your story today.

Whether you use this community to simply share memories, commemorate an anniversary, or encourage donations to find a cure, we hope it brings you comfort.