What sort of event can I hold?

As long as there's some munching of food involved you can do whatever suits you. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Do I need to fundraise?

We want to empower you to share the word, and potentially your personal story of mito. When people understand the devastating impacts of this disease, and that together we can make a difference for people living with mito, they will probably want to contribute in some way.

When should I hold my Munch for Mito?

World Mitochondrial Disease Week is from Sept 13-19 and is a great time to hold an event to help us spread awareness. However, if you'd prefer to hold your event after that's okay with us.

Who can hold a Munch for Mito?

Anybody can hold an event. If you want to help us make a difference then you're the perfect event host. If parties aren't your thing make it intimate with your family, if you've got lofty dreams of being an event MC now's your time to throw a big event with all eyes on you, if you're mito symptoms keep you inside most of the time, or if you're still under COVID restrictions maybe a Zoom party is the way for you.

I'm just learning about mito myself, where can I find more information?