Sandi Pontin

Sandi 's Mighty Heart Lives On

Together we can be mighty against mito, and ensure that the memories we share continue to help the families to come.

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Sandi 's Story...

Sandi I met at a Christmas Party for people that had disabilities she sat at my table with her guide dog Dyson.
I found her to be well mannered and polite yet alone so I sat speaking to her most of the day and after my meeting I would be allocated shifts with her 3 dsys per week as all extra important appointments doctor,hospital.
We began a great relationship and when she decided to move to the Brotherhood of Saint Lawrence due to her not getting good use of her NDIS package being eaten up by admin.We spoke of it for a long while as her case worker at the time very arrogant and unpleasant 
My agency closed its doors June 2019 before the pandemic I stayed friends building a close relationship visited her regular made sure new workers were keeping her home as clean as a whistle and comfortable safe for her as I truly cared for her deeply 
Our trips to the various country side as well as the movies,concert of Englebert Humperdinck I purchased to which her eyes lit up like bright candles lol 
We had a Fabulous sing along as well as hamburger and chips afterwards opposite the Palais Theatre it was a warm beautiful night to which we arrived home after 1am and Sandi was ever so appreciated.
Sandi always had a smile for miles as well as a huge tight hug and was always there for when I was feeling down as I her and she made it ever clear given her on her own and 2 sons very scarce and catch up would be Christmas time only that over the years with ever changing times that she felt strongly she needed change of her future plans to which I always told her all will be fine no need to worry.
Sandi died in expectedly this was so very upsetting the news around my birthday and my plans for a trip to Mornington Peninsula as the live play working 9_5 musical now no longer sadly.
I'm going to miss my beloved friend as she was always so pleasant to work with each and every visit as well as our bond connection so strong.
I never said good bye I always said see you soon Chick my nickname for her lol I will bid you farewell and promise I will follow up on your wishes and be sure they are carried through respectively.See you soon Sandi love always Lisa and Family.

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